On 20th December 2023 our students of 11th and 12th grade enjoyed a very special English class. Together with their teachers, they went to the theatre in order to watch George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion”. Considering the fact that Shaw’s play from the 20th century is actually based on a story written by Ovid 2000 years ago, this play was the perfect one to combine the humanistic and the modern aspect of our school. Thanks to Straubing’s friends from its twin town Tuam (Ireland), the students only had to pay half the price for the tickets and they were able to use their English skills watching this play. And the students really enjoyed Shaw’s play (the author was from Ireland as well!) about the linguist Henry Higgins, who does not find a woman completely meeting his expectations. Therefore, a statue of such an ideal woman is made and also shown during the play. One woman, Eliza, should be taught how to speak like a noble person in order to appear like this. In the end, due to the way Higgins treats her, Eliza leaves him. Although at the beginning of the play it was a bit difficult to follow the plot for some students, the play was fun because the artists have often managed to catch the attention of the audience, for example with funny and provoking statements. During the play, the students were able to understand more and more. For that reason, they also got the very well-depicted message of this play (apart from the fact that Shaw refers to the linguistical differences within society): It is the way you treat others which is relevant in the end: “If I can’t have kindness, I’ll have independence!”

So, thanks to our English teachers and to our friends from Tuam for making possible this theatre day!

Raphael Friedl, 11b